rice_ball247 (rice_ball247) wrote,

Answer for question 4310.

Do you laugh at things that you shouldn’t? Describe one time in particular when this happened. Did someone else see you laughing? If so, what happened?
I try to have some restraint... but...

I spent my birthday last year at a viewing (before the funeral) of my godmother, who had just passed away a few days prior. Unfortunately, I had to also bring along a three-year-old boy, who upon seeing my godmother in her casket exclaimed, "Why is there a lady sleeping in the bathtub?"

I... may have giggled at how cute he was... but completely inappropriate setting to do so >_


    FUCKING GODSWAR. STOP BEING SO ADDICTED PAT! =( i've already forgotten what fanfiction is =( i thought it was my life =(

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