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FIC: The Pursuit of Happiness (and Harry, somehow) [1/?]

Title: The Pursuit of Happiness (and Harry, somehow) [1/?]
Rating: M
Category: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Genre: Romance/Humour
Summary: Sometimes, happiness comes around unexpectedly. Then again, so does love. Draco Malfoy pursues Hermione Granger, but somewhere along the way, he falls in love with Harry Potter. Now how did THIS happen! DMHP slash
Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership over any of the characters that are recognizable in this story, that is, Harry Potter and any affiliated characters, which are copyrighted to J.. There is only the plot for me. And my imagination.

Previous Chapters: Prologue

Chapter One: Impertinent Brat and Stupid Ferret

"No, Ron, YOU have Charms with me, not Harry. You have Transfiguration together," Hermione corrected as she brandished their time-tables in their faces. Ron looked despairingly down at his own slip of paper to see that Advanced Potions seemed to be a dominant portion of their schedule. Hermione, however, insisted that they were all evenly spread.

Harry moodily pushed around the peas and corn on the side of his plate and pointedly ignored the banter between the two. Honestly, they should just get bloody married! If they didn't start dating soon, Harry was sure his hair would fall out simply by their flirting alone. They'd been openly flirting throughout the Sorting and the feast, but he bet if he had asked either Ron or Hermione, they would have told him that they were having a healthy debate. Yeah right.

He found his eyes wandering over to the Slytherin table, where a smug looking Malfoy preened under the attention of having people gush about his achievement of being Head Boy. Harry had received similar treatment from his fellow Gryffindors, for his triumph had brought light to a once dark situation (that is, Malfoy being Head Boy). No one seemed to care, really, that there were two Head Boy's, except perhaps Hermione, who had been curious enough to visit the library on the first day back to do some research.

McGonagall was right. He and Malfoy were the first pair of Heads in the history of Hogwarts to be of the same gender. In Dumbledore's words, most curious indeed. As if feeling someone staring at the back of his head, Malfoy turned around in his seat and sent a sneer Harry's way. Harry would have responded, had Malfoy not quickly diverted his attention.

Harry followed Malfoy's line of sight to rest on Hermione yet again. His eyes narrowed. What on earth was Malfoy up to? Could it be he was planning revenge? Or…

Harry squinted, as if that would have made his vision sharper, but instead, he found something else in Malfoy's gaze that caused him to recoil, as if it had burned his very eyes. The darkening in Malfoy's eyes and the look of absolute pleasure on his face caused Harry's stomach to sink. He felt totally disgusted.

How DARE he set his eyes on Hermione! He didn't deserve her! Harry would have picked up a bread roll and lobbed it at Malfoy's head, but found himself interrupted when Professor McGonagall rose from her place at the Head Table and descended towards the students. Harry watched as she eventually approached him and told him to follow her. He shot Hermione and Ron a nervous glance, his heart thudding loudly in his throat thinking that he was in trouble, but upon seeing Professor Snape pull Malfoy from his own seat, he relaxed.


Professor Snape had never been good news, per se, but Harry felt that he had some goodness in him at least. No one could be that evil. Probably not even Voldemort. Harry shuddered at the thought of a smiling Voldemort doling out flowers to little boys.

A Michael Jackson equivalent, no doubt.

The two Head Boys followed their professors out of the Great Hall to a nearby classroom. Upon their entry, Professor McGonagall pulled out a parchment and two quills, while Professor Snape waved his wand and the door shut with a soft 'click'. Locked, obviously. The parchment in McGonagall's hand rustled gently as she spread it open on the teacher's desk and tapped her wand on the centre.

Almost instantly, blank ink flooded the paper, as if seeping into the parchment from some unknown source. Harry was reminded of his second year, with Tom Riddle's diary and the fiasco that caused.

"This is your contract," Professor McGonagall began, pushing her spectacles higher up on the bridge of her nose. It made her seem more intimidating than grandmotherly, despite being shorter than both boys at full height. "I expect you both to abide by the rules to the best of your ability-"

Professor Snape made a rather unprofessional snort at that comment and turned away from the three. He folded his arms across his chest and stared directly into Harry's eyes. Harry shivered as he spoke, "To the best of ability, no doubt, isn't very far, Minerva."

"Oh Severus, hush. Both Harry and Draco were chosen for this, so I trust that they will do their best, despite what has happened in years passed," she told him, turning to the newly elected Heads of Hogwarts while she spoke with a meaningful tone. In other words, 'behave yourselves, or you'll be sorry'.

Professor Snape quieted, but still looked unconvinced, if the skeptic tilt in his thin lips were any indication of it. Professor McGonagall continued, "The duties of the Head Boy are almost equivalent to that of a teacher. You have the power to award or deduct House points as you see fit, provided that they are within good reason. I don't want to see House points rapidly disappearing from either Gryffindor or Slytherin."

Harry nodded numbly while Malfoy rolled his eyes. Professor McGonagall narrowed his eyes at him, "As such, since you have such a burdensome duty thrust upon you, you'll gain certain privileges that I trust you not to abuse. The two of you will be sharing a dorm on the third floor corridor."

"Why the third floor?" Harry couldn't help but ask, since in his first year, the third floor corridor had been out of bounds due to certain not-so-well-kept secrets.

"Why share?" Malfoy added, glaring more at Harry than at his professors. Professor McGonagall rolled her eyes.

"It depends on what houses the Head Boy and Girl, or in this case, Head Boys, are in. To make it fair, depending on the combination of the two houses, the rooms for the Heads are determined by what House they're in. For the two of you, it's the third floor, since you are in Gryffindor and on the seventh floor, and Mr. Malfoy is in Slytherin, in the dungeons," her nose scrunched slightly at the thought of it, but Harry quickly dismissed that thought. "So it would make it fair, the distance the two of you would have to travel, instead of going up and down continuously. As for why you're sharing, I would have thought it would be…obvious."

Professor Snape took on from here, "You will be treated like a Head Boy and Girl pair. You will share one dorm but will have separate rooms, as expected. I don't want to waste my breath on the details so read your contracts and sign your life away."

'Waste your breath…I'd be thankful if you didn't,' Harry thought nastily as Professor McGonagall shot Snape a reprimanding look.

"Anyway, read over your contracts carefully. If you decline, so be it – the consequences will not be affecting you and therefore, are none of your concern. Professor Snape and I will wait here. Take your time in reading and making your decision, but please, do not take all evening. Your duties will begin immediately and you will be expected to follow them to a T," McGonagall waved them over to the desk and gestured for them to sit down.

They pulled up seats while they moved and began to read their contracts the moment they sat down.

Harry only felt the slightest bit confused. His brow furrowed as he read over every detail, major and minor, some of which, required one to squint as the print had become excruciatingly tiny. Above him he heard Snape snort, most likely at the lost expression on his face. Beside him, he could hear the quill in Malfoy's hand tapping against the desk while he thought. Seconds later, there was a scratching sound, indicative of Malfoy signing the contract.

Go figure that Malfoy would be quick to sign the contract. For one, he probably couldn't care less if he were to share with a Gryffindor, even if said Gryffindor was Harry-bloody-won't-die-Potter, as long as he had Head Boy privileges. Knowing Malfoy, he'd probably use the time to torture Harry and bother him as much as possible. What were the good aspects of being a Head Boy anyway?

Private dorms meant having to share with Malfoy. But it still meant a private dorm. Plus, he had the power to reward and deduct points as he saw fit. He was practically a teacher, in that regard.

A loud cough brought him out of his reverie. Harry lifted his head to see that Professor McGonagall was giving him a stern look. He probably looked like he was daydreaming again.

"Just weighing the pros and cons," he muttered hastily as he ducked his head to further glean whatever information he could get from the parchment. He didn't notice the glance that was exchanged between the two professors – the arch of Snape's brow and the marring of McGonagall's.

From what he could gather from the contract, he was, first and foremost, a student of Hogwarts – meaning that he was to be treated as such. However, he had the privilege of being Head Boy, meaning that privilege's had to be balanced out by duties.

Duties included helping to organize events, trips to Hogsmeade, patrolling the corridors at night (something that Harry doubted he would have trouble with…), awarding/deducting House points, assembling students in the event of an emergency, or an event in general, having control over the Prefects, and so on and so forth.

Privileges included the usage of the Prefects' Bathroom, having their own private dormitory, exemption from selected school events when their duties overrode it (Harry failed to see how that was a privilege), awarding and deducting points (also a duty, yet a privilege) and a number of other little details that Harry was sure he wouldn't even bother with.

And then there were the requirements.

The Head Boys will be expected to work together as one force, not two separate entities. As such, they will be sharing a dorm, but will have their own rooms for proprieties sake.

Again, Harry failed to see how that was any different from sharing a room with Ron, Seamus, Dean and Neville, but…whatever. He'd have his own room, away from Malfoy, so he wasn't complaining.

They will share duties between them and one will not be forced to do extra work without the other. Since they are the utmost leaders of Hogwarts' student body, any detentions they receive will not be looked upon lightly.

Harry swallowed. He was going to have hell to pay when Snape took advantage of this…

The Head Boys will be expected to adhere to the rules of both the school and this contract. They will not be exempted from the most basic rules of the school unless given permission to do so by a member of the faculty.

In regards to the private dorms, the Head Boys will be expected to share their dormitory but will not be sharing private rooms. Any misconduct, including violence and sexual activity, will result in the privilege of being Head Boy removed.

'Do they mean sexual activity between a Head Boy and other students…or do they mean between the Head Boys? Something tells me that they haven't properly changed this from a Head Boy and Girl contract…'

A Head Boy will be permitted to invite a friend from any house, so long as the other Head Boy agrees to allow other students into the dorm.

'No luck there,' Harry thought glumly. 'But then again, I wouldn't allow any Slytherins unless he lets the Gryffindors in.'

However, the Head Boys will be able to visit their respective dorms whenever they wish. The Head Boys will also be given an overriding password to access all House Common Rooms. It is expected that this privilege will not be abused.

Realizing that the other three occupants in the room were staring at him to finish, Harry swallowed and made his decision. He raised the quill and signed his name where required.

By the time Harry's slightly squiggly signature had covered all the needed aspects of the contract, Malfoy was seated back looking quite bored. His elegant and looped handwriting had fluidly signed any necessary parts expected of him within minutes of reading. Harry suspected that Malfoy must have had a great deal of contract signing when he was younger, for him to be so confident at what he'd just gotten into.

Idly, Harry wondered if he knew exactly what HE was getting into.

As soon as he was done, the ink on both contracts glowed and then disappeared. New words flooded both pages. It was the contract all over again, only changed to show that both Harry and Malfoy had signed it. Snape clapped his hands in what seemed to be a mocking gesture.

"Congratulations Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter. Your duties will start immediately, but first," he pulled out his wand and gestured for the both of them to stand and come to him. "First, we have to seal the deal. Take out your wands."

"As if signing my name wasn't enough?" Harry grumbled as he pulled his wand from his robes and held it up.

"Join your hands," McGonagall instructed, rolling her eyes when the two boys glared at her, and then at each other.

"You mean…I have to touch him?" Malfoy hissed and Harry was surprised when he took on a rather green pallor. He really did look like he was going to be sick. Never one to comfort a Malfoy, Harry scoffed and grabbed Malfoy's cold hand in his warm one. Malfoy didn't move, only stared at Harry in shock. "You're touching me."

"As we were asked, Malfoy," Harry sneered in a way that would have put most Slytherin students to shame. They held hands, albeit rather awkwardly as Professor Snape stood between them.

"Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter have, on this day – September 1st 1997 – signed the Head Boy contract, binding them to their duties, privileges and requirements. They will not be permitted to leave their duty as Head Boy unless certain conditions require them to, or if they are found to no longer be fit to carry out Head Boy duties.

Do you swear to adhere to all rules and requirements stated in the contract that both you, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, have signed?" Snape asked monotonously, staring at their clasped hands.

"I…I do," Harry whispered loud enough for them to hear, but the pounding in his ears made him feel as if he were deaf. This felt so…completely WRONG! Holding Malfoy's hand and saying 'I do', felt like he was selling his soul to the devil. Or worse, to Voldemort!

"I do," Malfoy answered firmly, sneer in place and aimed at Harry. Snape glanced from Malfoy's face to Harry's, lingering slightly on the latter before he settled his gaze on their hands and said, "So be it."

His wand touched their hands and a warm, tingling sensation raced up Harry's arm and settled like a pleasant buzz in his stomach, akin to drinking butterbeer on a frigid day. Harry released Malfoy's hand almost immediately and self-consciously wiped it down on the front of his robes. Malfoy sneered and cast Scourgify on his hands. Harry tried to hide his affronted expression. And then a thought occurred to him.

"Wasn't that an Unbreakable Vow? So does that mean that if either Malfoy or I break it, we die?" Harry asked curiously, more to Professor McGonagall than to Snape, for fear of having the older man sneer at him.

"What do you think, Mr. Potter?" Snape snarled, "Do you think that we, members of the Hogwarts' faculty, will be stupid enough to kill even our own students with such a dangerous oath? Then again, I might consider the Unbreakable Vow…there might actually be a chance of you listening to the rules for once."

Harry resisted the sudden urge to poke his tongue out at the Potions Master, but decided that since he'd have to be showing a level of maturity and respect from now on, he had better not. Instead, he merely turned his head away and settled his gaze on the contracts that McGonagall was collecting.

He watched as she tapped her wand, once on each paper, and they duplicated. The duplicates remained, but the originals scrolled themselves up and disappeared in a soft 'poof!'

"Dinner should be over. Despite your duties starting immediately, the both of you will first go to your dorms and settle in. Tomorrow, you will also be exempted from classes in order to have a training day with the newly elected prefects. I trust you both will retire to your respective rooms and," here, McGonagall paused, "that you will not get up to any mischief. This includes wandering the halls tonight and hexing each other into oblivion."

Harry could practically feel Malfoy's eyes roll and had to suppress a snort when, behind his Head of House, Professor Snape held a similar expression. But when Harry caught his eye, Snape sneered at him and then turned on his heel and stalked out of the room once the door unlocked itself.

The three stared after the Potions Master in silence before McGonagall gestured for them to retire to their rooms. She didn't accompany them.

There was an awkward silence as they walked to the third floor corridor. Harry held his tongue but Malfoy didn't even seem eager to start, much less keep, a conversation with him. They walked past a suit of armour, which, shockingly, barked out at them to come back when they had taken two further steps out of reach.

Harry and Malfoy both froze at the same time and their eyes met. Cautiously, Malfoy nodded to Harry and they withdrew their wands and whirled around, prepared to hex whoever had yelled at them to hell and back.

Instead, they were met with an empty corridor, save for a few snoozing portraits (a few disgruntled by the shout) and what seemed to be a shaking suit of armour. Harry narrowed his eyes and approached the heap of metal.

"Are you…laughing?" Harry asked, prodding the knight in the chest with his wand. The armour gave a hollow clunk as wood met metal. Harry felt his hair stand eerily on end as the suit of armour seemed to nod. There was nothing inside, but it spoke in a rather cheerful, disembodied voice with an odd echo. Harry resisted a second urge that night, that is, to pry open the helmet and take a look inside incase there was a tiny person in there.

"So I am, so I am," the armour shook, causing its joints to rattle nosily. "Are you the Head Boys?"

"So we are, so we are," Malfoy drawled, and Harry, for a moment, thought that the blond haired Slytherin was mocking the armour until he saw the amusement in the boy's grey eyes. When his eyes landed on Harry, however, the fun disappeared. "So you must be the guardian of our dorm?"

"Indeed I am, indeed I am," the armour repeated and Harry got the impression of it grinning. He allowed himself to smile and held out his hand.

"Harry Potter."

The armour stilled for a moment, before there was a soft grunt and a hand, attached to a sword, nearly sliced Harry's hand off. For a moment there, Harry thought that the armour wanted to cause him deadly harm, until the said suit began to apologize profusely.

"Sorry, sorry! This retched sword is attached to my hand, no thanks to that constant irritancy, Peeves. Do you think you could possibly unglue the sword from my hand?"

Harry decided he liked the guardian, probably better than the Fat Lady. A quick melting charm caused the glue to heat up and melt away, completely vanishing. He picked up the sword, which had landed on the floor with a loud clatter and promptly handed it to the suit of armour. A metal hand extended.

"Sir Jean De Buffet, at your eternal service."

Harry shook his…hand eagerly and the suit of armour turned to Malfoy.

"And you?"

"Draco Malfoy. I don't shake hands," the boy sneered, and then scowled when Harry quirked an eyebrow. It was apparent that neither had forgotten the rejection of Malfoy at the hands of Harry back in their first year – this very night, but six years ago.

There was an awkward silence and Sir Jean withdrew his offered hand. Harry resisted the urge to knock Malfoy on the upside of his head.

"So…" Harry began, pointedly ignoring the platinum-blond haired boy beside him. "Do we need a password or what? We weren't given one."

"The passwords are your own choice. I shall give you time to decide on one before you come in."

Harry felt his heart sink. Yet again, another situation that required him to talk to Malfoy. Oh well. Since they were expected to be working together 'as one force' for the entire year, talking to Malfoy would eventually be the least of his concerns. He turned stiffly to his companion.


"How 'bout…Potter Stinks? Or better yet, Mudbloods Suck?" Malfoy seemed to be the only one that enjoyed his little joke before Harry socked him good. He shook his hand to disperse the pain that throbbed there. Unfortunately, Malfoy cast a leg-locking curse on him from down below, causing Harry to pitch forward and land rather uncomfortably atop Malfoy.


"Damn it, Potter! You aren't exactly a featherweight, so get the hell off me!" Malfoy snarled as he shifted uncomfortably beneath Harry's dead weight. His nose was a bright red, thankfully unbroken but still stinging painfully.

Sir Jean watched the situation unfold with much amusement.

"I can tell this is going to be an exciting year after all…"

Harry let out a yelp when he felt his head accidentally slide onto Malfoy's groin when the Slytherin tried to wriggle out from under Harry. Both boys seemed to freeze. And then, at the same time…



"25 points from both Gryffindor and Slytherin. Now, refrain from acting like the impertinent dunderheads you are and settle this like the mature Head Boys that you are meant to be, and get to your dorms, immediately."

Needless to say, Professor Snape did not look pleased.
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