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Close The Door On One Chapter // Graduation

To all those who for some reason are keeping up with me and might be reading my journal, a few things have happened since my last (serious) post here.

- I've graduated, firstly. That means no more high-school. Hopefully that means I can start university next year. I'm scared. I kinda don't want to go, but I think I'll love it!
- Right now, I'm in the middle of exams. I just finished my mathematics exam today (or rather yesterday, since it's 4:25 am), leaving me with Biology, English Extension 1 and Chemistry (on the 2nd of November - last exam w00t!)
- I've stopped writing for the time being until I've gotten everything settled in. In between my own time and study, I barely have enough time to write nowadays, which is really depressing because I love writing, but I figured, if I'm writing, then why not be writing an essay?

So yeah. This was just a quick update to let you guys know that I'm still alive (and judging by all the Edward/Harry pictures I've been posting - very amused).

Oh, here's a sneak peek of one of my new stories. It's a crossover! I've jumped on the bandwagon at last and hopefully it's original!

Title: The Next Grand Adventure

At first, she hadn't noticed it. Being so close to her final exams, she was totally (sometimes) focused on things other than the trunk full of books in her bedroom. Well, only the books that didn't have a place on her bookshelf anyway (which was currently filled with textbooks for study).

She never noticed the rocking, shifting, sometimes trembling wooden box shoved into one corner of her chaotically messy, "it's like a hurricane swept through here!" bedroom. Never hearing the quiet knocks and scrapes, thinking them to be a noise from other parts of her house, due to her (rather large) dysfunctional family of eight.

But one night, with a day between the present and her first exam, she heard a muffled voice shouting for, "Help!"

Bewildered, she glanced around the room for the source of the sound, and finding none, returned to her work. That is, until it happened again, just a few moments later. Shocked, she realised the sound originated from her trunk of books. More astounded than fearful, she took a pair of scissors in hand, just in case, and pried the lid open.

She gasped, just short of screaming, as a raven-haired head stuck out, itself grasping for just a little breath of air. Glancing down in amazement, she realised it was a boy, whose body was missing from shoulder to foot as his neck and above was jutting out of a book.

The last book of her favourite series...

"Holy shit, Harry Potter?!"


I haven't decided on a name. This came to me in a dream. yes, 'she' is me, but she wont be me in the story. She's just a character that can be you, your best friend, your girlfriend, your mother when she was younger (that is, if you're a girl), any random female character that wants her own Edward Cullen. Of course, that won't happen because:

a) he's fictional
b) we all know he's gay for Harry Potter.

So basically, Harry falls out of her book and within a few weeks (or a week) reads Twilight and ends up being transported to their world. There he meets Edward, and being the totally lost and confused boy that he is, they get together, Harry returns to our world, bringing Edward along with him.

Now in order for this story to work, we must accept the fact that there are many dimensions across all planes of existence. My (totally weird) train of thought that only I can understand (which confuses the shit outta people) is that (hold your horses, people, this may get nasty):

1) Harry Potter exists on one plane of dimension, within the imagination.

2) Twilight, like Harry Potter, exists on another dimension, within the imagination. They do NOT mix. Ever. Edward never meets Harry, nor does Harry ever go to Forks. Hence why there are crossovers! (yippie)

3) the world as we know it, that is, reality (if it can be said that the world we live in IS reality!), is the plane of existence which, ultimately, has control over these small subconscious and imaginative parts of the mind. I think of our world as the "bridge" between all dimensions of thought. Because really, if you have thought about something, technically the fact that that thought exists in your mind means that it has already been brought into existence, therefore, it exists!

Anyway, if our dimension/world/plane of existence can be said to be the "common" for all other dimensions, then we can bridge the gap between them, all you need is a little:

4) MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGIC!!!!!! Because that's how mpreg happens, yo.

Note: No, there is no mpreg in this story, sorry to disappoint/please.

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